Friday, May 31

Southern Six-Pack

1.  It's 25 miles to Rougemont, NC, she's got a full tank of gas, a six-pack of beer, it's spring, and the Bologna Burgers are sizzling on the Orange County Speedway concession stand flat top. Hit it, Emily Wallace. 

Photo(shop) by Joe York
2.   Shuagnhui Group, China's biggest pork producer, announced plans to purchase Smithfield Foods for 4.7 billion dollars. Smithfield, founded in Virginia in 1936, is the worlds largest hog producer and pork processor. "These are the ham people, y'all, and if you ask me, no one does it better." -- Paula Deen

3.  Chiquita, based in Cincinnati, OH, started growing bananas in Colombia in 1899. Villagers in Colombia are now suing Chiquita (using the Alien Torts Claims Act) for its role in financing the death squads and guerillas that plagued the Colombian countryside (and disrupted work on Chiquita's banana farms) for nearly 4 decades. Do the villagers have a case? Likely. Chiquita Brands International has already pled guilty in a US District Court to one count of "Engaging in Transactions with a Specially-Designated Global Terrorist" and were assessed a 25 million dollar fine.  Bananas, Guns, and Money.

Jackson, Mississippi
Woolworth Sit-In
May 28, 1963
Tougaloo College Professor, John Salter
Tougaloo students, Joan Trumpauer and Anne Moody
4.  Fifty years ago this week, a group of Tougaloo college students and professors sat-in at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi. Medgar Evers, Mississippi chair of the NAACP, who organized the protest and the larger boycott of Jackson's segregated businesses, was assassinated at his home just two weeks later.

5.  Unfortunately, racists aren't a thing of fifty years ago. YouTube was forced to disable the comments section for this Cheerios ad because it was inundated with racial slurs and abuse. Most troubling to many commenters, the notion of a happy bi-racial family.

6.  Look, ma! No hands (on my Whopper)!  Seriously. And, if you're going to eat like a horse then you're going to need to exercise like one too. Cue, Prancercise!