Friday, May 24

Southern Six-Pack

1.  The fourth annual International Biscuit Festival and Southern Food Writing Conference wrapped up this past weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee. You don't have to be Southern to appreciate a good biscuit or a great biscuit festival. 

2.   As remembered in posters from the United States Food Administration, a Memorial Day reflection on the importance of food in war-time.

3.   The Gulf of Mexico dead zone, an oxygen deprived stretch of the Gulf where only algae survives, is now estimated to be about 5,700 square miles in area. The only way to resuscitate that dead zone is to re-engineer the way the entire Mississippi River works. How to re-engineer the Mississippi? Answers may vary.

4.   The time has come, To talk of many things: of PVC pipe -- and spats -- and seafarms, Of the Georgia oyster industry poised to rebound. (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

5.  "Once again, owning an exotic pet was proving to be nothing but trouble." Christopher Boffoli's utterly charming collection of photographs, Big Appetites, is on display in New York beginning June 6.

6.  Unless your calendar is incredibly thorough, you may not know that May 20 was National Strawberry Picking Day.  Don't despair.  In this case, missing the holiday doesn't mean missing the fun!  The cold wet spring heralds a bumper crop of the sweetest strawberries in years.  In the mid-South, they're ripe for the picking.  Go find some.