Wednesday, May 29

Nicole Taylor Shares Her Favorite Tastes and Sounds of Summer

Southern Expat Walter Youngblood serves up goat's milk ice cream in New York City.

SFA guest blogger Nicole Taylor is Brooklyn-based writer and radio host with Georgia roots. You can follow her on Twitter at @foodculturist.

Graduation announcements are filling my mailbox and my Facebook stream runneth over with adolescents achievements—it must be the unofficial start of summer. Here in New York, mulberries are swaying and grills are smoking. Barbecue is a ongoing obsession all over the country, and the sparring over styles and sauces will continue to take center stage for the next few months. I'm declaring zero losers and making a winner out of families that keep Southern cookouts alive. Here are three reflections of good grub and tasty summer traditions from my radio show, Hot Grease, on Heritage Radio Network. These simple stories from North Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City natives and are the true knockouts!

Click here to listen to Curtis Brown talk about bringing North Carolina barbecue to the East Village of New York.

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We all scream for...goat's milk ice cream? Click here to listen to Walter Youngblood explain his special recipe.