Wednesday, May 1

Director's Cut: Sneak a Peek at the 2013 Symposium

"Director's Cut" is a weekly post from SFA director John T. Edge.  

The 16th Southern Foodways Symposium, focused on Women at Work, is still five-plus months away. But programming for that October 4–6 event is almost complete.

Join us and you’ll get a chance to hear Natalie Chanin—proprietor of the fashion label Alabama Chanin and the author of three books on sewing and design—talk about the linkages between domestic craft, agricultural work, and entrepreneurship.

Also stepping to the dais will be Marcie Cohen Ferris, author of Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South and a former SFA board president. She will tell us about the women behind five epochal moments in Southern food history.

We’ll also talk about how the work of women writers has shaped our collective view of the region's foodways. That’s where the image above comes in. Titled “Madonna and Child” and created by Grosvenor's former husband Ellsworth Ausby (1942–2011), it was used as the cover image for her 1972 book, Thursdays and Every Other Sunday Off: A Domestic Rap.

On the Saturday of the Symposium, Tamar Adler will give a presentation that focuses, in part, on Vertamae and her legacy. As Ausby’s artwork makes clear, to talk about Vertamae’s work, we’ll need to explore matters of race as well as gender.

We hope you’ll join us. Tickets will go on sale to SFA members in mid-July.