Friday, April 12

What's Old Is New Again: Updating Our Online Oral History Archive

We've been working long and hard to create a brand new website for your interactive pleasure. The new-and-improved will be unveiled soon. In the meantime, know that we're also updating our online oral history archive. A lot has changed since we started collecting the stories behind the food more than a decade ago. (Would you believe that the first interviews I collected for the SFA were recorded on cassette tapes and photographed on film? True story.) We try to keep up with changes in technology as best we can. And now it's time to give some high-tech TLC to some of our older interviews.

SFA intern and office assistant Emilie Dayan and Southern Studies graduate student Anna Hamilton are working to update the older interviews in our online archive with new media. Interviews like the one above that I did with Shine Thornton of Greenville, Mississippi, as part of our ever-popular Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail oral history project, the fieldwork for which I collected way back in 2005.

We hope you'll spend some time with some of these older interviews when we unveil our new site. More than that, though, we hope you'll hit the road to visit some of the people we've interviewed in person. Download our iPhone app, SFA Stories, to find a story near you.

Amy C. Evans
SFA Oral Historian