Friday, April 26

Southern Six-Pack

1.  From barbecue, with love.  In the wake of last week's tragedies in West, TX and Boston, MA, a story about the power of food to comfort and console the helpers.  Sometimes, one good turn really does deserve another.

2.  Carolina Rice Bread?  Yes, please. Serious bakers need to be able to say that they've mastered at least one batch.   John Martin Taylor first championed this recipe 21 years ago in Hoppin' John's Low Country Cooking.  That was just 7 years before this guy decided to save his McDonald's hamburger for later.  Much, much later.     

3.  This guy can cut up a watermelon in 21 seconds. 

4.  Food Saver Vacuum Sealers are a valuable kitchen tool.  Then there's the moment when the nightclub hook-up turns into, wait for it, the nightclub suck-up.  Same technology.  Different application.

5.  Do what you love even if there's no money or fame.  "Find what you love and let it kill you."

6.  George Jones died today.  Good night, Possum.  We toast you with your own glass of White Lightning.