Friday, April 12

Southern Six-Pack

The week finds us on the hunt for spring nettles and elusive recipes. We're on the lam and looking for a stash house for our ill-gotten gains. And, sadly we're queueing up to join the second line for our lost friends and heroes. Six-pack anyone?

1.  Les Blank, hero to documentarians across the globe, died this week.  Asked to describe his process, Blank would, more often than not, say, "I just started shooting." He left behind at least two unfinished films including one about Alabama folk artist, Butch Anthony. That image of a grown man wearing live salamander earrings ought to help you with your melancholy.

2.  From the sublime to the ridiculous.  The Real Food Challenge is taking root on college campuses across the South.  A student led grassroots campaign, the goal of RFC is to increase the procurement of real food on college campuses with a goal of 20% real food on all campuses by 2020. In other words, they're hoping to eat better food.   Or, you could go in a totally different direction and try some Guy Fieri on Campus nonsense. I'm sorry make that, some Guy Fieri on Campus bangin' awesome nonsense.  Way to go, Sodexo.

3.  A food crime spree seems to sweeping the globe. Thieves in Niederaula, Germany made off with 5.5 tons of Nutella.  Phillip Parker of Candia, New Hampshire was arrested for the largest case of illegal possession of elvers in the history of fishery! And, Florida man was at it again, this time for making off with $75,000 worth of canned soup. 

4.  That's not all that's gone missing. The vaunted Augusta National pimento cheese recipe has disappeared. Wright Thompson is leaving no slice of light bread unturned in getting to the bottom of this mystery.

5.  Evidence found in China and Japan suggests that our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors began making ceramic cooking pots about 20,000 years ago. Chemical analysis of pot shards a bit younger (15,000 years) suggest that those pots were likely used for cooking fish stew. We can only assume these were early days in recipe development for a perfect Carolina Muddle.

6.  Spring in the South brings on the urge to forage. Bored with the mundane morel? Disenchanted by ramp hunts?  Scared of poke sallet? Try nosing around for nettles.