Friday, April 5

Southern Six-Pack

1.  Take one community garden. Add a public park. What do you get? The country's first food forest, an innovative experiment in permaculture. 

2.  Started by Booker T. Washington in 1892, the Farmer's Conference at Tuskegee University, now in its 120th year, seeks to help the farmer's of Alabama's Black Belt find new markets.

3.  Ladies, remember that time you worked really hard to become a chef, a restaurateur, or a business owner? Female chefs offer their thoughts on being asked about being female chefs. Future interviewers, beware. This is totally what you sound like when you ask that question!

4.  Build it and they will come. For over a quarter century, chefs, farmers, and artisans have been hard at work building a vibrant food scene in North Carolina. Now a diverse and lively wine scene has taken up residence in the state's great food towns too.

5.  Russ Kremer's deathbed conversion from intensive piggery to sustainable hog farming. A compelling read and a call to action. Also, an excuse to re-introduce yourself to Will Harris and Emile de Felice.

6.  Opening day at Turner Field and Chipper Jones threw the first pitch. No word on who got the first bite of an H & F burger, a Kevin Rathbun steak sandwich, or a Dantanna steak skewer. As if you needed another reason to go to the ballpark this spring.