Sunday, April 21

Southern Six-Pack: Sunday Edition

Whether you've spent the last two days doing yard work, hanging with your family, or just catching up on sleep, we think you deserve a Sunday afternoon six-pack.

1. Stephen Colbert asks, "breakfast, anyone?"

2. The gourmet cupcake bubble has officially burst, the Wall Street Journal proclaims...

3. what's the next bubble on the horizon? Could be the toilet restaurant, with diverse incarnations from China to the U.K. (We'll admit the yuck factor varies by location, but still.)

4. Or is high-end juice the next big concept? In cities like New York and Los Angeles, juice-bar chains are duking it out for the loyalties of the hip and health conscious (not to mention affluent—a single bottle of cold-pressed juice can go for upwards of $10!).   

5. In another piece of disconcerting dessert news, Breyer's is now hawking "frozen dairy dessert." In a passionate lament, Dan Barry explains, "when translated from the original Orwell, [frozen dairy dessert] means: not ice cream." 

6. We'll end on a more serious note: It was a long, tough week, from Boston to West, Texas. However small, food can offer a measure of comfort, says Jim 'N Nick's pitmaster Drew Robinson. We think he's right.