Wednesday, April 17

Penny De Los Santos: Sunday Lunch at Penny's

Food and travel photographer Penny De Los Santos blogs for us about her sources of inspiration, her travels, and her favorite bites and sips along the way. You can follow Penny on Twitter at @pennydelosantos.

Most of my professional life is spent photographing food and the people who make it, grow it, and eat it. When I’m not working, I really enjoy cooking.

My favorite afternoons are spent cooking and inviting friends over to share a meal. The past several weeks have had me moving all across the country and feeling out of sorts and not completely myself. So this weekend, I decided to do the one activity that always grounds me and makes me feel at home: cook.

The menu was simple: to start, a leek, pea, prosciutto, and barley soup. Then, Cornish hens brined in salt, pepper, lemon juice, brown sugar, and rosemary. On the side, I served a plentiful a spring salad with raw beets, carrots, toasted bread crumbs, pan-fried raisins, and blue cheese. Dessert was panna cotta with a berry compote.
By the time my friends arrived at 2pm on Sunday, I was ready to settle into a leisurely, conversation-filled meal. To me, that is living.
The one activity that makes me feel I'm home instantly: cooking for friends and inviting them over for Sunday lunch. All photos by Penny De Los Santos. Click to enlarge.
Brined hens waiting for the oven to heat.

Pan-fried golden raisins for my spring salad.
Leek and pea soup with prosciutto and barley.
Sunday lunch at Penny's. I'll invite you all next time!