Monday, April 15

Mucho Meringue: Documenting Pie in Arkansas

We have the Tamale Trail. The Gumbo Trail. The BBQ Trail. And now we think it's about time for a project to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. It's not an official Trail project, per se, but we are finally turning our attention to a seriously underrepresented subject in our archive: pie.

Just a few months ago, we launched SFA Greenhouse Films and invited filmmakers from around the region to pitch projects to us to add to our archive and feature as web-based video content. We received more than 50 proposals. Out of those 50, we chose 10 to fund. "Mile High Pie" featured above is the first film to be completed under the program. Oxford filmmakers Melanie Lynn Addington and Daniel Lee Perea visited Ed & Kay's Restaurant in Benton, Arkansas, where they learned the ins and out of making mile-high meringue pies.

Our pie focus doesn't end there. In fact, we're just getting started. This summer, Sherri Sheu, University of Texas at Austin graduate student and 2012 SFA oral history workshop participant, will spend some time in Arkansas to collect oral history interviews with more pie makers. (Hat tip to Sara Wood, last year's oral history intern, who did some pie recognizance for us in Arkansas last summer.)

We'll publish all of our new pie interviews to our online archive in the fall.

Look for the rest of the SFA Greenhouse Films projects to premier here in the coming months.