Wednesday, April 3

Meet Guest Blogger Nicole Taylor

Photo by Jordan A. Colbert
Meet Nicole Taylor, a Brooklyn-based writer and radio host with Georgia roots, who will be guest blogging for us in April and May.

I’m Nicole A. Taylor, the great-granddaughter of a farmer who moved his clan of ten from Oconee County to Athens, Georgia, in the early 1900s. I was raised on honeysuckles, grits, and common-folks' sense. Sorry, I’m not a UGA Bulldog fan—but I bleed fresh hand-cut fries from The Grill and brunch at Farm 255.

In 1996, I packed my footlocker and headed to Clark Atlanta University. During my Hotlanta years, I gigged at a nonprofit, a newbie real estate group, one of the top academic institutions in the Southeast, and operated a small-batch candy company. I love Star Provisions and Busy Bee Cafe like long-lost play cousins.

Change comes like a thief in the night, and 5 years ago, I moved to Brooklyn, NY. My husband and I made a commitment to live Southern above the Mason-Dixon. This means an overflow of "Dixie-born" house guests, pecan shipments from my aunt, and reminding our hipster friends that Southerners created some of their favorite “newfangled” edibles.

Currently, I host "Hot Grease," a food-culture radio show on Heritage Radio Network, and run I’m most proud of my work at Kingsborough College Project Rise, Brooklyn Food Coalition, Black Urban Growers, and the Vendy Awards.

Check back next week for Nicole's first post, as she explores the cultural and culinary similarities between Australia and the American South. (Yes, really!)