Thursday, April 18

Director's Cut: Growing a New South Farmers' Network

Georgia farmers prepare to make their entrance at the New South Family Supper. Photo courtesy Star Provisions. Click to enlarge.

"Director's Cut" is a weekly blog series written by SFA director John T. Edge. 

The New South Family Supper, hosted this past Sunday at Ponce City Market in Atlanta by Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison, was a fundraiser for the SFA. More than 20 of the region’s best chefs cooked dishes like Kentucky bison empanadas and charred asparagus with sweet onion hushpuppy croutons.

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of those chefs, we honored the women farmers who till the soils of Georgia, and whose farm goods graced our plates.

That group included Celia Barss, Woodland Gardens, Winterville; Erin Cescutti, Brightside at Mennonite Oakleaf Farm, Atlanta; Lauren Cox, Le Tre Lune Farm, Douglasville; Helen Dumba, Crystal Organic Farm, Newborn; Ceci Gatungo and Jamila Norman, Patchwork City Farms, Atlanta; Jenni Harris, White Oak Pastures, Bluffton; Halieth Hatungimana, The Burundi Women's Farm, Decatur; Susan Pavlin, Global Growers, Decatur; Charlotte Swancy, Riverview Farms, Ranger; Rebecca Williams, Many Fold Farm, Chattahoochee Hills; Judith Winfrey, Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens, Decatur; and Paige Witherington, Serenbe Farms, Chattahoochee Hills.

I was really pleased to see Susan Pavlin of Global Growers and Halieth Hatungimana of the Burundi Women's Farm again. We last saw one another a few months back. That’s when I traveled to Atlanta to write an Oxford American column about Global Growers' work on behalf of women like Ms. Hatungimana.

If you have a few moments, I would love for you to give it a read. Going forward, we at SFA plan to collaborate with Global Growers. They are doing vital work that contributes, in profound ways, to our New South Family.