Tuesday, April 2

Director's Cut: $350 for Dinner? Yes. Here's Why.

The New South Family Supper on April 14 in Atlanta Costs $350. Here’s Why.

Southern food resonates. Not just because of what’s old. But because of what’s new.

At the SFA, we’re not preserving the South. We’re documenting the evolution of the region. Yes, we're respectful of the past. We’re also focused on a diverse and inclusive future.

On April 14, Anne Quatrano and friends will stage the first New South Family Supper in Atlanta at Ponce City Market.

Tickets, priced at $350 per pop, don’t come cheap. But neither does the work of the SFA. Over the past decade, we’ve invested more than a million dollars to document the evolution of Southern food culture through 700-plus oral histories and 30-plus films. Events like this one—hosted by Anne, and featuring more than 20 chefs from across the region—fund that work.

Join us and you get to hear Adrienne Su, an Atlanta native and celebrated poet, and Doria Roberts, an Atlanta-based singer and activist. Join us and you get to taste biryani with green chile masala from Asha Gomez of Cardamom Hill in Atlanta; charred asparagus salad with shad roe from Vivian Howard of the Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, NC; braised rabbit with wild ramp salmoriglio from Whitney Otawka of Farm 255 in Athens; GA; and sunburst tomatoes with white anchovy emulsion and cornbread crumbs from Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner in Raleigh.

Thank you for supporting us as we document, study, and celebrate the diverse and inclusive future of Southern food.

—John T. Edge