Friday, March 8

Southern Six-Pack

1.  Italian immigrants working in the coal mines of West Virginia likely gave the state its official unofficial food, the pepperoni roll. If Morgantown isn't on your near term destination list, try your hand at making them at home. They'd be great with a six-pack.

2.  McDonald's Filet-O-Fish and Lent, a match made in Cincinnati.

3.  John Currence celebrates the one true hot-sauce, Tabasco. And, remembers Tabasco's greatest champion, his friend and hunting partner, Paul McIlhenny.

4.  Until now, genetic modification of grains and vegetables has been all about increasing profit.  Enter golden rice, a grain modified to improve the health of millions of people who don't (and won't) get enough vitamin A.  A miracle of modern science or the next great evil of agri-business?

5.  Say it ain't so, Joe.  Joe Yonan, Southern boy and food editor of the Washington Post, comes out as a vegetarian. Cochon 555 drove him to it.

6.  Robby Melvin has a new job as test kitchen director for Southern Living!   For over five years Robby has been one of the unsung and largely unseen heroes of the Symposium kitchen. Year after year, Robby showed up in Oxford on Thursday of Symposium week, tied on his apron, sharpened his knives, and got to work prepping other people's food.  You might have caught sight of him on Sunday morning before he packed up and headed back home to Birmingham.    We couldn't be more excited for him as he begins his new job!!