Friday, March 22

Southern Six-Pack

1.  The first annual Houston BBQ Festival is sold out. No worries. To celebrate all that is unique about Houston BBQ, meet the Pitmasters and drool a little over the dishes you won't be eating on Sunday.

2.  It's a nice day for a White Castle wedding. Seriously. Not only did Kim Hein and Craig Welby marry at White Castle, they competed against others for the chance to marry at White Castle. And, yes, you do get fries with that.

3.  What is fair trade coffee? That depends on what you mean by fair. Chances are you're buying fair trade coffee and feeling pretty good about yourself for making that choice. But here's the reality, the farmer who grows your beans makes about $1.50 per pound on coffee you're paying $8.00 for at the grocery store. Enter Thrive Farmers Coffee, a collective which requires a greater up-front investment from farmers but, yields them a nearly 50% return on every pound of beans.

4.  Simply put, synesthesia is the stimulation of one sense which produces an experience in a totally different sense. Synesthetes can taste music, hear shapes, or translate emotions into flavors. To learn more about synesthesia, work your way through a stack of the latest research. Better yet, treat yourself on this rainy weekend to a copy of Monique Truong's novel, Bitter in the Mouth. Linda Hammerick, the book's main character, can taste words. And, they're not all delicious.

5.  Add alpha-gal to the list of medical conditions that ought to scare the sh$% out of you. Alpha-gal is an allergy to the meat of mammals likely caused by tick bites. Guess who gets alpha-gal?  People who live in the southeastern US. You know, where there are so many people are bitten by ticks, Brad Paisley wrote a love song about it.

6.  Celebrate the 60th birthday of Peeps by trying one of the 22 possible best ways to eat them. Oh, and on March 27, log onto the Washington Post Style Section to see who triumphed in the 7th annual Peeps diorama contest, Peeps Show VII.