Friday, March 1

Southern Six-Pack

We should remind you that this sweet graphic was created by Emily Wallace
Half of us are in Charleston at the Wine and Food Festival, half of us are freezing our toes off in Oxford, and one of us is celebrating her younger son's 11-month-old birthday. Six packs all around!

Emma Rose York, 2 months old, helps dad Joe York edit film footage.
1. Babies: They're everywhere. Our filmmaker Joe York and his wife, Kathryn McGaw, have little Emma, born on December 29, 2012. Yesterday, SFA board member and Oxford chef-at-large John Currence and his wife, Bess, welcomed Mamie Currence to the world. Congratulations to the Currence family! And in late June, our office manager, Julie Pickett, is due with her third child, a boy. (Emma and Mamie can fight over him in a few years.) In other words, the future of the SFA is looking bright for the next generation!
*(Little known fact: There exists, somewhere in the world, a semi-secret stash of SFA bibs.)

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

2. News from the Global South: HRH Prince Harry visited Lesotho (an independent kingdom within the borders of South Africa) this week. He learned how to make mokoenya, which, as far as we can tell, is the Sotho equivalent of a beignet. Yes, he's exercised some questionable judgment over the years, but the prince seems to be dedicated to his charitable causes—plus, he looks awfully cute in that apron!

3. Serious Eats taste-tested the 3 finalists in the Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" Contest: chicken-and-waffles, cheesy garlic bread, and Sriracha. Click through for their verdict. Overall, the Serious Eats taste testers were more enthusiastic about these flavors than we were when we tried them last week. (With the possible exception of one two-year-old who really got into the cheesy garlic bread.)

4. If you thought they were amorphous, you don't know chicken McNuggets very well. In fact, there are four distinct shapes, each with a corresponding name. (Hint: "actual piece of meat" is not one of the four shapes.)

5. While we're on the subject of weird science, how about the physics of separating an Oreo? In this nerdily awesome video, physicist/tinkerer/mustache aficionado David Neevel shows you how it works.

6. The third season of Duck Dynasty premiered on Wednesday night, setting an A&E record with 8.6 million viewers. Earlier this week, legendary musician and staunch vegan Morrissey refused to appear on The Jimmy Kimmel Show alongside the Robertson clan, calling them "animal serial killers." Willie, Jase, and Uncle Si responded to Moz by making a video for a "carrot call."