Tuesday, March 12

Oral History Workshop Application Deadline is April 1, 2013

2012 Oral History Workshop participants visit with
Doug Davis of Yokna Bottoms Farm in Oxford, MS

Part of what we love about the oral history field is the possibility it presents in the classroom. Conducting oral history interviews offers young scholars a unique opportunity to hone a variety of skills: communication, research, documenting, archiving, writing, and more. Through the collection of fieldwork, students create primary sources for use in future scholarly research. Oral history is experiential learning at its best.

In an effort to train young scholars and bring more people into the field of oral history, we offer an annual workshop. The workshop is held at SFA headquarters on the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford and is led by SFA oral historian Amy C. Evans.

This workshop is an introduction to SFA-devised oral history methods and practices. The focus is on digital audio and still photographs, applied to the study of foodways. Workshop participants are introduced to the field via examples from the SFA archive, become familiar with equipment, acquire interviewing skills, explore the art of documentary photography, and learn a variety of processing techniques.

If you are a current student (graduate or undergraduate) and have an interest in gaining fieldwork experience or enhancing existing skills, we invite you to apply.

Application deadline: APRIL 1, 2013

Visit our Workshop page for more information.