Friday, February 1

Two Local Food Events in Mississippi

Bennie Blaylock, Winona, MS. Photo by Amy Evans.
Farmers, artisans, and local food/sustainability activists in Mississippi: Mark your calendars for two upcoming events.

On Monday, February 18, Whole Foods Market is hosting a growers' and producers' workshop at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum in downtown Jackson. They are working on sourcing locally grown products for the Whole Foods Jackson store, which will open in fall 2013. If you are a Mississippi farmer or artisan who would like to consider selling your products through Whole Foods, be sure to register for the workshop by February 6.

The Sustainability Institute of Mississippi is hosting a Sustainable Living Conference and Gaining Ground Food Summit in Oxford from March 1–3. Registration is still open, and the event's keynote speaker is Mary Berry, daughter of writer and agrarian activist Wendell Berry.