Friday, February 8

Southern Six-Pack

The University of Ole Miss won National Signing day.  That sort of fax machine dominance calls for a six-pack!

1.  Speaking of winning, Dodge won the Super Bowl commercial war by a landslide.  This week saw opinion pieces focusing on the lack of women and the lack of minorities in the ad's images, a  newly imaged version which reflects the true diversity of America's farm workers, and a parody illuminating all that is wrong with agribusiness. 

2.  Benne seed, the powerhouse heirloom patriarch of the nearly flavorless sesame seed family, is making a comeback in the Southern farm and in the Southern larder.  Benne seed oil isn't far behind.

3.  Emu meat is a nutritional powerhouse, low in fat and high in omega 3 fatty acids.  Emu oil is a  skin care powerhouse, which can cure anything from eczema to acne.  I shared both of those details so I could share this:  Texas A & M University has a Fats and Oils Program.  With a newsletter called Fats and Oils News.

4.  Here in Zone 7, daffodils are blooming which means the gardeners among us are starting to think seed and spring planting.  The organic gardeners among us want us to know, organic gardening isn't just about how you raise the plant.  It's about the seed too.

5.  Your reusable shopping bag might be trying to kill you.

6.  Give your Valentine a gift made in the South.  And, by that I mean, give your Valentine a gift.  Trust me, it matters.