Friday, February 22

Southern Six-Pack

SFA heads to South Carolina next week to pitch a tent in Marion Square Park for the Charleston Wine+Food Festival.  So, forgive us if we've got Charleston on our minds. Oh, and if you're in town for the festival, stop by the SFA tent. We'll offer you a glass of something from Fullsteam, Mountain Valley Spring Water, or Royal Cup and invite you to sit and visit for a while.

1.  Have you heard? Matt and Ted Lee have a new book coming out, The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen. Eater's got the interview. And the Lee Brothers have a few stories to tell about the extraordinary artisans who populate the Charleston food scene. Folks like Peter Alexandre, shad fillet-er extraordinaire.

2.  While we're on the subject of fish, short of catching it yourself and watching Mr. Alexandre bone it in front of you, trust Oceana. You've got no idea what you're actually eating.

3.  The one where Robert Moss had an imaginary conversation with Alan Richman and then published it. Alan Richman named the 12 Best Restaurants of 2013. (And, we're kind of giddy because the South got some serious love on this list, like 41.2% or even 50% depending on your feelings about Washington, DC.) Robert Moss wasn't as giddy when he realized that he and Mr. Richman have almost nothing in common. Except Mike Lata.

4.  Fatter living through chemistry. It's not your imagination, that potato chip really is addictive.  It was designed to be.

5.  Better living through vegetables. Here's a hand-illustrated guide to 400 varieties of vegetables pressed with vegetable based inks.

6.  The Oscar that really matters and the one they won't give out on Sunday night: Best Dinner Party Scene.