Friday, February 15

Southern Six-Pack

A meteor hit earth this morning. A US Senator asked actual questions during a Congressional hearing. And, it's opening week for SEC baseball.  We likely all need a six-pack. Right now.

1.  The Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, or the Pen Faulkner Award, all are nice awards if you can get them but, none come with a supper as good or a drink as smooth as the Crook's Corner Book Prize. Stop wasting time on Facebook. Write that novel.

2.  Troubling (and hopeful) news in the world of pig manure. It seems that the high levels of antibiotics needed to keep factory farm pigs healthy are likely contributing to our antibiotic resistance. On a brighter note, someone might have figured out how to turn pig poop into power.

3.  "Official Washington" doesn't serve fried whiting. That's fine. That means there's plenty to go around.

4.  Bon Appetit named The 20 Most Important Restaurants in America. The South was not ignored.

5.  So, here's some bad news from the world of whiskey. Maker's Mark is watering down its whiskey in an effort to keep up with demand. Planning on a "Make Mine Neat" protest?  Be careful.  That kind of talk will cost you.

6.  Meet Florida Man.  The world's worst super hero.  But, God love him, he's real.  And, thanks to Florida Woman, he'll never be lonely.