Friday, February 1

Southern Six-Pack

This Sunday Patrick Willis and Michael Oher square off in Super Bowl XLVII.  Also, the Ravens and 49ers will play a football game while the rest of us eat our weight in chips and dip.  What a great weekend for a six-pack!

1.  Speaking of dip.  Remember when avocados used be sort of rare and fairly expensive?  And, when they had a season?  Just when and how did eating guacamole become synonymous with watching THE big game (or any big game not played on a baseball diamond)?  An important question to ponder as you hunt for your molcajete.

2.  After about 7 chips full of guacamole, you'll be looking for a bite of something sweet.  How about a King Cake?  King Cakes definitely have a season.  You've got until February 12, to get your hands on one.

3.  Now that you've had your sweet, time to switch back to savory.  Po'boy it is.  Hoagie or submarine or grinder it is not.

4.  Perhaps you are lucky enough to be watching the big game in New Orleans.  Perhaps you like to spend TONS of money on food.  Any and all food.  Well, my Whale friend, Eater has a dining guide for you.  Not you, Roger Goodell.  You have earned your own special New Orleans dining guide.

5.  Here's your ultimate Super Bowl guide in 4 easy links:  Social Media Guide (You know, for people who plan to stare at their phones for the entire game), Commercial Guide (In case you actually plan to watch the game and use commercial breaks for going to the bathroom and refilling your plate/cup), Beyonce Video Guide (Better close-ups and better lip-synching than the half time show), and Enthusiastic Watcher Guide (Not to be confused with knowledgable watchers).  You're welcome.

6.  We cannot finish this six-pack without a toast to this year's best Super Bowl media moments:  Stephen Colbert on Gatorade and Chicken Wings and Jessica Sanchez on Drunk People on Bourbon Street. Salud!