Tuesday, February 5

Rendezvous Server, Jack "Big Jack" Dyson, Retires After 45 Years, Receives Honor

Jack Dyson, server at the Rendezvous in Memphis, TN, for 45 years.
Photograph by Rien Fertel
"I’m watching the children’s children come in...I’m waiting on my third generation, so I know mostly everyone, you know, that’s been coming here for years."
-Jack "Big Jack" Dyson, 2008

Cooks aren’t the only restaurant employees that can make a meal memorable. Take Jack Dyson. Big Jack, as he's known to most, has been serving families, tourists, and celebrities at Memphis’ famous Rendezvous for more than four decades. Dyson fondly remembers when Rendezvous waiters wore Nehru jackets, when founder Charlie “Big Daddy” Vergos patrolled the restaurant, and when The Rolling Stones took their first bite of Memphis ribs.

After 45 years spent serving what likely amounts to millions of customers, Big Jack Dyson hangs up his uniform and eases into retirement. As a tip of the hat to this Memphis legend, Congressman Steve Cohen honored Big Jack on the House floor earlier today.

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