Friday, January 18

Southern Six-Pack

Rain, ice, sleet, snow, and now sunny blue skies!  What a week.  Open your windows and enjoy a six-pack.  (Friends to the east, wait till Sunday or so for the open window part.  Go ahead and have the six-pack now.)

1.  Barrel aged hot sauce isn't a new idea, that's the way they've been making it on Avery Island, LA for nearly 150 years.  What comes next?  Charred whiskey barrel aged hot sauce is the hot condiment for 2013.  Get it?  Hot.

2.  These are either grown up Fruity Pebbles or fruity pebbles for folks who'd rather be eating a cookie.  Either way,  yum!

3.  Symposia:  Helpful Seminar or Self Indulgent Nonsense?  You decide.

4.  Texas Foodways is preserving the stories behind Texas' iconic restaurants.  Plus, they're doing a lot more.  Stop by and sit a spell.

5.  Smoked olive oil.  Why, oh why, did this bit of genius not originate in the South?  Up next, smoked lard.  Which will be much better.

6.  Imitation crab?  Made from seafood.  Fake lobster?  Actually crawfish.  Imitation calamari?  Swine rectum.  Seriously.