Monday, January 7

Kitchen to Classroom: Academic News Roundup

Photo by Alfred T. Palmer, 1943. Courtesy of the Library of Congress
A handful of spring semester classes at the University of Mississippi offer new and exciting pathways into food studies:

- Our postdoctoral fellow, Angela Jill Cooley, leads a seminar for Honors College undergraduates called "Eating Jim Crow," about the role of food in the Civil Rights Movement.

- Meek School of Journalism professor Bill Rose team-teaches an advanced reporting class with visiting professor Susan Puckett about food and health in the Mississippi Delta. Puckett is the author of Eat Drink Delta, which will be published later this month by UGA Press.

- Visiting professor of Anthropology Carolyn Freiwald offers "Drinking, Dining, and Divining in the Ancient World," which surveys historic food practices and examines how contemporary anthropologists make discoveries about ancient foodways.

Three Southern Studies graduate students have had foodways-themed papers accepted to academic conferences:

- Paige Prather will be presenting her work on food justice in the Vietnamese-American community of New Orleans East at the Global Gulf Conference at Tulane University in February.

-Erin Scott shares her paper, "Big and Bright: The Food of the State Fair of Texas" at the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Associations Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, also in February.

- Roy Button presents his paper on urban farming at the Annual Meeting of the Agriculture History Society in Banff, Canada, in June. Jill Cooley is also a presenter at the conference in Banff; she will be delivering a paper called "Freedom's Farms: Activism and Sustenance in Rural Mississippi, 1962–1974."

We'll continue to update you on developments in the classroom throughout the coming semester. It's great to see the growing interest in foodways at UM!