Friday, December 7

Southern Six-Pack

1.  A call to bring compassion and creativity to solving the nation's school lunch problem.  And a reminder that despite what I thought in 1980 (as an 8th grader), no one's high school cafeteria ever looked like this.

2.  Pie chart.  Pie movie.  Pie songs.  And, an entire issue of Indy Week devoted to pie.  You're welcome.

3.  Eat catfish before they eat you. Seriously, that's what they're up to.

4.  Want to know what else sucks about being over 40?  Losing your sense of taste, that's what.

5.  Five second rule!  Not so much.

6.  To help you get ready for the holiday season:  party food: 101 One Bite Appetizers, gifts: Eau de Pizza Hut, and a companion:  Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend.