Tuesday, December 11

A Report from the Field: Women, Work, and Food in Richmond, VA

Oyster shucker Deborah Pratt with her son, Davila.
Photograph by Sara Wood.

In advance of our 2013 summer symposium to be held in Richmond, VA, in June, former SFA oral history intern, Sara Wood, is in RVA to collect fieldwork relating to women, work, and food. Last week, she met with oyster shucking champion Deborah Pratt and her youngest son, Davila.

A short report from Sara:
Davila started shucking two years ago. Apparently, he was working somewhere else and Deborah said he learned to shuck wrong (cutting into the middle of the oyster as opposed to the right way, starting at the hinge of the oyster). So she re-taught him how to shuck, and now he "shucks right alongside her with his bad self." She says he was out there in the wilderness, getting into trouble so she started bringing him in with her to shuck. 

We'll share more of Sara's reports from the field in the coming weeks.

Go here for our current calendar that lists the dates of our summer symposium, as well as other exciting SFA events in 2013.