Friday, November 9

Southern Six-Pack

Celebrating?  Drowning your sorrows?  Either way, you'll welcome a six-pack.  This week donuts, peanuts, and cheese (three kinds:  pimento, artisan, and biscuit) make the ideal sipping companions.

1.  The Kentucky Bourbon Trail has lured many an explorer down winding roads toward limestone fed springs, aging barrels, and happiness.  Stagger away, and on your next journey through the Commonwealth seek out the Kentucky Donut Trail marked by stop and go traffic, cream filling, sugar glaze, and happiness.

2.  Speaking of staggering, To Have and Have Another:  A Hemingway Cocktail Companion just hit book store shelves.  This dream text for 20th Century American Lit majors explores Hemingway's writing, complete with page number references,  through 50+ cocktails (with recipes).

3.  We now pause for a crop report:  A very good year for Southern peanuts.  And, an excellent year for Hot Wet Goobers.

4.  Want to know where to eat pimento cheese, right now?  Eater to the rescue.  (Editor's note:  We appreciate that Eater went macro with this map.  Going micro, especially here in the South, would require Google earth technology.  The good stuff. Not the mucked up by Apple version.  As I type, I can name 6 places within 5 miles of my desk with non-commercial better than average pimento cheese.  And, yes, one of those places is a gas station.)

5.  Enjoy your cheese without mayonaise?  Sometimes.  John Kessler to the rescue with a brief survey of the Southern cheese scene (with pictures). 

6.  Glad to meet you, Eastern Carolina Cheese Biscuit.  Please, please, please never leave!