Friday, November 30

Southern Six-Pack

1.  Previously on Pete Wells Has Had Quite Enough of Guy Fieri:  Pete Wells reviewed Guy's Times Square Restaurant.  Guy Fieri took to the Today Show to call Pete Wells a bully.  Next came parody.  Finally, Robert Moss offers a thoughtful look at middlebrow food and why doing it badly or belligerently makes the thinking eater so angry.  Or should.

2.  Rabbits and squirrels and raccoons better scurry away from Squirrel Fest in Hampshire County, West Virginia and George Drayton's family in South Georgia! Scurry the heck away from Awendaw, South Carolina too.

3.  Bored with Facebook and Twitter but still addicted to your computer?  Try Crowdsource Archiving.  The University of Iowa Libraries has a huge collection of (in some cases) centuries old recipes that need transcribing.  If you're a history buff or a recipe geek, this may be the job for you!

4.  The sweet potato doll is not just a holiday threat from a harried parent.  Sweet potato dolls inspired a book.  Were the catalyst for the childhood pastime of a generation of Johnston County, North Carolina school children.  And, foster the imagination of the young at heart.  Who knew?

5.  Chicken is brown.  Waffles are brown.  You know what else is brown?  Torani Chicken and Waffle Syrup, which started life as an April Fools joke but is in production in time for holiday gifting.

6.  If I Had a Million Dollars I'd buy a plane ticket to Japan for the sole purpose of then booking a premium economy or economy class ticket on Japan Airlines from Narita to New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego,  London, Paris or Frankfurt so that I could enjoy (during my second meal) the Air Kentucky!  With the leftover cash, I'll pay someone to offer deeper insight into the startlingly intense relationship between urban Japanese and KFC.  Money well spent.