Friday, November 2

Southern Six-Pack

1.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those folks all along the northeastern Atlantic coast (and in the mountains of West Virginia) as they begin the painful and painstaking road to recovery.  For those of you wishing to help in some way, Rock Center has a comprehensive list of suggestions.  If you're in New York and want to make your dining dollar count towards relief efforts, visit one of these spots.  Most of North Carolina's Outer Banks are accesible by limited ferry service. Road and bridge repair will take much longer.  Recovery efforts in West Virginia are underway yet, 20% of Barbour and Randolph counties (in the northern part of the state) remain cut off from the outside world.

2.  Janisse Ray heralds seed savers as the super-heros of food security.  We bet that none of you went to a Halloween party dressed as Bill Best.  Shame on you!

3.  Bernie Herman is rebuilding an oyster habitat on Virginia's Eastern Shore.  One bivalve at a time!

4.  Al Capone's favorite whiskey is now available in Texas.  Templeton Rye, made continuously in Templeton, Iowa since before prohibition, began legal production again in 2006.  Bottles of the stuff are as scarce as hens teeth but much more potable.

Photo(shop) by Joe York
5.  Speaking of Anthony Bourdain, Tamar E. Adler believes he may have jumped the (angry, macho, bellicose) shark.  I'm with her.  I miss the edgy but sensible and somewhat sensitive Anthony Bourdain.  This one is boring.

6.  November 2 is National Deviled Egg Day. Celebratory recipes abound!