Wednesday, November 21

Southern Six-Pack: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To knock the edge off today's cooking bonanza—or to grease the wheels of conversation with your step-great-aunt Martha—we got you a six-pack.

1. New York butcher Tom Mylan pens an open letter to the nation's Thanksgiving home cooks. The takeaway: Keep the food simple and the guests liquored up. Wise advice, sir.

2. And while we're on the subject of libations, GQ offers a beer-pairing guide to the Thanksgiving meal. (You might want to keep Uncle George away from the 10% ABV Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.)

3. Forget Tofurkey. Up your veggie game with the Veggieducken, a tongue-in-cheek take on the meatless-alternative main course. We tip our pilgrim hats to Dan Pashman, the creator of this behemoth.

4. Are you a snacks-and-appetizers kind of eater? We feel you. Sometimes the little pre-dinner morsels are just plain better than the main event.* (Let Sam Sifton disagree!) Which is why we'd be happy with a Thanksgiving meal made up of these clever chefs' snacks from Saveur. Move over, glazed ham, and make room for the ricotta-and-honey sandwich.

5. In a vintage New Yorker article, Calvin Trillin reflects on his favorite Thanksgiving meals: Chinese food and spaghetti carbonara.

6. Planning on doing some hand-to-hand retail combat on Black Friday? Saturday Night Live advises that you start your shopping engines at Mega-Mart.

*Heretical? Maybe. But you can have your turkey, and I'll be in the corner with my Triscuits, cream cheese, and pepper jelly.