Tuesday, November 13

Holiday Throwback Recipes: Pumpkin Bread

Sometime in the last week or two, it became "THE HOLIDAYS," a brief but intense season that merits all-caps for the eight weeks or so it comes around each year. We're not sure when this happened, because here at SFA World Headquarters, we're still munching on Halloween candy. But then our dog came home from her vet check-up wearing a turkey-emblazoned bandana, and now all of the shops in Oxford have decked their proverbial halls.

We haven't checked our local listings yet, but pretty soon the network television specials will ramp up, with Burl Ives crooning the ballad of Rudolph the Red-Nosed (ClayMation) Reindeer and the Peanuts shuffling to the sweet melodies of the Vince Guaraldi trio.

In other words: if you haven't planned your holiday menus (or placed your catering orders) already, time's a-wastin!

But that's where your good friends at SFAHQ come in. You see, we've got a pretty solid collection of community cookbooks here in the office—and many more in our staffers' home libraries. And THE HOLIDAYS seem like the right time to whip them out and share some choice recipes with you, our readers.

So, fix yourself an eggnog, pull up a seat, and check back often between now and New Year's for our Holiday Throwback Recipes.

Let's keep in mind, friends, that Thanksgiving is still more than a week away. You don't want to go overboard this early and risk getting sick of the turkey-dressing-cranberry-pumpkin-pecan goodness that's about to come your way. So let's start out by just dipping a toe, with some simple pumpkin bread. Just so you don't forget which season it is. You'll thank us later.

One note: We're reproducing the Holiday Throwback Recipes verbatim from their cookbooks—our editorial oversight doesn't extend to recipe testing. So if you see, oh, say, 4 cups of sugar in a single pumpkin-bread recipe, don't look at us.

Today's cookbook:
Gardeners' Gourmet
Compiled and published by the Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.
First edition 1970; subsequent editions 1973 & 1978

Pumpkin Bread
4 c sugar
1 1/2 c Wesson oil
4 c canned pumpkin
3 eggs
1 c nuts
1 8-oz pkg dates, chopped
5 c flour
2 1/2 t soda
2 t cinnamon
1 t salt
1 t allspice and cloves
1 t vanilla

Cream sugar with oil and add canned pumpkin and mix well. Add the eggs, one at a time. Sift flour, soda, salt, and spices together and add to creamed mixture. Fold in the chopped nuts, dates and vanilla and bake in cans or loaf pans filled half full in 325 degree oven for about one hour. Cool in pans covered with foil.
—Mrs. James C. Johnson, Corinth