Wednesday, October 3

We Saved you a Plate- Movie Edition!

Photo by Marion Post (Wolcott), 1940. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

"We Saved You a Plate" is a weekly series showcasing an article from Gravy or Cornbread Nation, or a past symposium presentation, OR A DOCUMENTARY BY OUR FILMMAKER, JOE YORK. We serve it up, you gulp it down.

We hope you like barbecue in your popcorn...or vice versa. (Hmmm...which would be yummier?)

Did you know that Joe York has made EIGHT short films about barbecue, one of which is brand-spanking new and will premiere at our symposium? Believe it, folks. He's had sausage in Southside (TX), mutton in Kentucky, and whole-hog at North Carolina's Skylight Inn, which National Geographic called "the capitol of 'cue." You can watch these films—and every other Joe York classic—on the film page of our website.

Or, you can just click below to watch Dial S for Sausage and Capitol Q. (Click the arrows to go full-screen.)