Friday, October 12

Southern Six-Pack

1.  There's alternative energy and then there's this:  a partnership between the Tullibardine Distillery in Perthshire, Scotland and Napier University in Edinburg, Scotland to add a bacteria to the leftovers from whiskey making to create butanol, a car fuel.  Look out, East Texas. Bardstown, Kentucky is coming for you!

2.  Barbara Evans loves two things, okra and her community.  Every summer, she brings the two together at the Burkville, Alabama Okra Festival.  

3.  The popularity of shows like Swamp People is driving the price of alligator meat sky high.   That's a big problem here in the SEC where every weekend in the fall, someone has to get ready to play Florida by snacking on gator.  Alligator meat scarcity is less of a problem in Fitler, Mississippi where four guys with a lot of hooks and at least one shotgun bagged a 697.5 pound gator, a new state record.  Neither Ole Miss nor Mississippi State play Florida this year. Perhaps a gator nugget care package would be a good way to welcome Missouri to the fold.

4.  People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  And, people who live in apartments shouldn't eat fresh squirrel.

5.  Chicago's BBQ joints got a warm embrace from the Washington Post this week.  Want to know more?  Then come visit for a spell with Barbara Ann Bracy and James Lemons.

6.  Hot Pockets. You know 'em.  You don't really love them.  But, Snoop Lion does.  A lot.  Think on that this weekend while you sip your gin and juice.