Friday, October 5

Southern Six-Pack

Welome to a well fermented issue of the six-pack.  Wine, beer, and hard cider are all on tap this week.  So, settle in and pick your poison.

1.  A farmer in Oregon was killed and eaten by his own hogs.  Don't let the horrifyingly graphic details of the story distract you from this nugget: At least one hog was known to be carrying 700 pounds and a grudge against the farmer.

2.  Remember that study a few weeks back proclaiming no meaningful difference between organic and non organic foods?  Junk science of the worst kind.  Which is to say, not science at all.  Just lots of puffed air.

3.  Chuck and Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, Virginia got a love letter from the Washington Post.  We're jealous that we didn't write them one first!

4.  From Indy Week, an engaging history of home-brewed beer and the Presidency.  Who knew?

5.  Just in time for Texas Wine Month, the state's vineyards are finishing one of the most promising harvests in years.

6.  And from the annals of "you know it's an election year when," Family Circle just completed its quadrennial cookie bake off.  This year's competition pitted Michelle Obama against Ann Romney.  Our friends at Jezebel wonder what will happen to this competition when the Presidential candidate's spouses are men?