Thursday, October 25

#SFABBQ Podcasts: A Feast for your Ears

We're not necessarily saying that Michael Phelps was listening to SFA podcasts when he won all of those gold medals...but we're not not saying that, either.

Our 2012 symposium talks are now available as podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Visit our iTunes page and become a subscriber so that you don't miss any future podcasts!

On SoundCloud, you can listen to any of our symposium podcasts with one click. Follow us on SoundCloud to get all of our podcasts, and listen to them on your phone with the SoundCloud app.

Remember, symposium podcasts aren't our only audio offerings. Stay tuned throughout the year for Okracasts, oral history audio clips, and recordings of lectures and special events. Thanks for listening!

PS: Some of the podcast audio is on the quiet side, so we suggest taking a tip from Mr. Phelps and using headphones.