Friday, October 5

SFA Oral History Subjects Named Delta Hot Tamale Festival King and Queen

Shine Thornton and Florence Signa
Photo courtesy of the Delta Hot Tamale Festival

"I always used to tell folks, hot tamale[s] is like making corn whiskey. You never get the same thing out twice. Makes no difference what you do, it won't never come out the same twice."
-Shine Tornton 

A couple of weeks ago, we shared news of the Delta Hot Tamale Festival happening in Greenville, MS, on Oct. 20.

Today, organizers announced the king and queen of the festival, Shine Thornton of Maria's Famous Hot Tamales and Florence Signa of Doe's Eat Place, both of Greenville.

We visited with the newly crowned royal couple a handful of years ago as part of two different oral history projects.

Sine Thornton's interview is part of our Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail.

Florence Signa's interview is part of our Doe's Eat Place oral history project.

We're thrilled to see Shine and Aunt Florence receive this honor.

All hail the Delta Tamale King and Queen!