Friday, September 14

Southern Six-Pack

So, here's what's happening in Oxford this weekend.  Ole Miss and Texas are planning to play some football on Saturday night.  Meanwhile...

Bevo should be grazing on Grove grass already.  And, according to various reports, Matthew McConaughey, UT's biggest fan,  is here and either a.)  Playing golf at a local course with former President George W. Bush; b.) Settling in at City Grocery for a long and private supper because he bought the place out for the entire weekend; c.) Hanging out in the foyer of the Phi Mu house in an effort to help out with rush or d.) NONE OF THE ABOVE.  A hint, d.) is the most likely answer since all photographic evidence of McConaughey's presence in Oxford is of Loch Ness    monster/tabloid Elvis quality.  

To the six-pack.  The condiment six-pack!

1. Tennessee buttermilk and Virginia oysters got some well deserved attention this week.  Wait for it.  Now you're wishing you had a big platter of fried oysters, right?  Maybe a po'boy?

2.  Andy Staples poses the great existential question, "Is it possible to hate mayonnaise while loving white barbecue sauce?" 

3.  Smoother than vinegar, less piquant than pickle juice, cheaper than Gatorade, mustard makes a move to become the latest and greatest sports recovery aid.

4.  An ode to hot sauce.  With a recipe!

5.  Imagine for a minute that for some reason you mix mustard, mayo, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce together.  You call it donkey sauce and God help us all, you put it on your restaurant menu.  Not okay, Guy Fieri.  Not okay, at all.

6.  Crystal Gravy.  You've never seen a gravy like this.