Friday, September 7

Southern Six-Pack

1.  SFA was founded, in part, on the belief that a shared meal eaten at a common table can bring people together.  The US Department of State thinks we're on to something.  Later today, they'll announce a new cadre of diplomats -- chefs from across the country -- who will be tasked with cultivating cultural understanding, elevating formal diplomacy, and strengthening bilateral relationships through food.

2.  The American Society of Food Journalists announced the 2012 excellence in food journalism awards this week.  Southern food writers, newspapers, and blogs got their due.

3.  What if you didn't have to walk all over town (or indeed the whole of the Carolina triangle) to visit your favorite food trucks?  The fine folks in Durham Central Park rounded up 45 trucks for this year's Food Truck Rodeo.  Planning to attend next year?  Get in the Martin's Curry Rice line first.  They sold out in an hour and change.

4.  Make-A-Wish dreams tend toward the once in a lifetime experience:  meeting a star athlete, shaking hands with a celebrity, or taking a trip to Disneyland.  Not so for Carlos Turner who at just 16, lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis in 2008.  Carlos spent his last months perfecting a recipe for barbecue sauce.  A sauce he hoped to sell commercially.  Texas Roadhouse and Bloemer Food Sales kept working on the project after Carlos' death.  Four years later, Carlos' BBQ Sauce is being sold to benefit the therapy programs at Kosairs Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

5.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Drink lots of water.  Don't make excuses.

6.  A Southern Supergroup is head-lining Meatopia this weekend.  And, no, it's not The Highwaymen.  A hint: this group delivers nearly as much charm, exactly as much talent, and a whole lot of pork rinds.