Thursday, September 13

Come and Get 'Em! New Oral Histories Added to Our Nashville Eats Project

We've been teasing you about this project long enough. It's time to dig into Nashville Eats.

On August 11, 2006, the SFA awarded Guardian of the Tradition Awards to Andre Jeffries, E. W. Mayo, David Swett, and Hap Townes. And, of course, we collected their stories.

In 2012, Tandy Wilson, Tyler Brown, and Sean Brock led a charge to drum up support for the SFA in Nashville. With the funds raised at this first gathering, we knew we wanted to give back to Music City by further exploring its meat-n-three tradition. We collected more oral history interviews, and Nashville is now an official host of our Stir the Pot dinner series.

Thank you, Nashville. Here are your stories behind the food.

* * *

Our next Nashville Stir the Pot happens to be this weekend, and a few tickets are still available. Head to the Stir the Pot website for more info.