Friday, August 24

Southern Six-Pack

1.  Miss Lambstock this year?  The New York Times and many of your favorite Southerners didn't.  Next year, plan to pack up your tent, your liver, and your calamine lotion and head to Patrick Springs, Virginia for Lambstock 2013, A Carnivorous Exposition:  Three Days of Sheep and Music.  You'll be glad you did.

2.  Now that complex heirloom cocktails mixed by guys with complex heirloom facial hair have played out, what's next? The charity bar.  Non-profit bars where the proceeds benefit one or several philanthropic efforts are opening in D.C., Portland, and Houston. Look for OKRA's (Organized Kolaboration on Restaurant Affairs) charity bar, which will benefit a rotating group of Houston based organizations or social causes to open in late 2012 or early 2013.  Portland's Oregon Public House and D.C.'s Cause are set to open this fall.

3.  The Blaxican food truck brings Mexican Soul Food to the streets of Atlanta. 

4.  Early spring heat and late spring frost hit North Carolina's apple crop hard.  Next weekend's North Carolina Apple Festival in Hendersonville, marks the unofficial start of the apple season.  Sadly, many of North Carolina's apple growers won't have much to celebrate.

5.  Bacon?  This is your old friend, Cranberry.  We need to talk.

6.  Savor that bite.  Clean your plate.  Sop up the juices.  Force a forkful on a friend.  But for heavens sake, stop taking pictures of your food!