Friday, August 31

Southern Six-Pack

What a scary and bewildering week here in the South.  Hurricane Isaac made landfall on the Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana gulf coast.  Rains, wind, and rising water in eastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi are wreaking havoc with lives and livelihoods. Iconic Southern food joints like Middendorf's, in Akers, Louisiana were hit hard.   Do what you can this weekend to assist in the recovery.  Afterwards, you can open your six-pack.

1.  The Waffle House Index for understanding storm impact took on a whole new role during Isaac.  Yes, Waffle House wants to stay open and sell waffles.  But, they also want to create a social networking community which can inform folks inside and outside a storm zone about how dire the conditions might be.

2.  Many states have stopped wringing their hands about this nation's childhood obesity epidemic and have started legislating.  Bans on the sale of sugary and salty snacks are common.  Requirements regarding food prep and daily exercise are gaining a toe hold.  Do these efforts make a difference?  Early answer:  Yes. Yes, indeed. But slowly.

3.  Speaking of legislation....  North Carolinians, better and more authentic charcuterie may be headed your way.  Which you will, of course, enjoy only in moderation.

4.  Speaking of moderation, our decidedly immoderate love affair with bourbon is causing serious headaches for car and home owners in Kentucky.  Think spring's yellow pollen blanket only black and a fungus and really really hard to wash off.  Did we mention it's a fungus?

5.  Cooking and eating at home.  It's seldom glamorous.  It's rarely truly fun.  But it is worthwhile.  Thanks for the pep-talk, Tracie McMillan!

6.  It's Dragon*Con weekend.  Dragon Con is the east coast version of Comic Con, only better.  Because it's held in Atlanta, Georgia.  And it is awesome.  Speaking of comic book-sci-fi awesomness, a new genre of comic books are filling up the inboxes of e-readers everywhere:  the foodie comic.  Anthony Bourdain's, Get Jiro! and six volumes of Chew ought to see you through the long holiday weekend.