Friday, August 17

Southern Six-Pack

It was a long hot summer.  Much too long and too hot to keep a six-pack on ice the whole time.  Wonder of wonders, the dog days of August brought temperatures dipping into the low eighties and rain to Oxford.  Unfold that lawn chair.  Slather on that bug spray.  Enjoy the six-pack.  We iced it down for you.

1.  Southern Cultures second annual food issue is out. Marcie Cohen Ferris and Emily Wallace dish  up a side of multi-media treats to complement the main dish. Savor and enjoy!

2.  PepsiCo sees your small batch craft beers and raises you enormous batch craft Mountain Dew.  Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold, that is.  Honestly.

3.  Charleston's restaurant scene is booming and growing.  What's next?  Robert Moss is wishing and hoping for menus that reflect the low country of South Carolina not just the South as a whole.  Leave regional Southern cooking to those folks outside the South looking to dabble in the cuisine.  Those of us in the South ought to demand menus that reflect our place.

4.  A few Turkish women in Little Rock, Arkansas are building friendships, community, and cultural tolerance one dish at a time.

5.  Bon Appetit released its annual list of the Ten Best New Restaurants in America.  Southerners should love this list as Washington, D.C.; Houston, Texas;  Nashville, Tennessee, and Decatur, Georgia; all make a showing.  Manhattanites are hating the list because two Brooklyn joints made the top 10.  Haters gonna hate.  And tweet.  And write.

6.  Tom Willett, you're 72 years old.  You have a digital recorder, a point of view, and you happen to know the best way to eat a watermelon.  Yes, absolutely, share that 9:52 bit of informational gold with the whole world! Spoiler alert:  Tom's method involves marshmallows and peanut butter meaning it's not for the delicate stomach.