Wednesday, August 22

Project Preview: Nashville Meat-N-Threes

Why is Nashville a meat-n-three mecca, with more than a half-dozen great restaurants to choose from, while cities of equal or larger size—say Atlanta or Birmingham or Charlotte—can claim only a couple or three truly great lunch spots? We visited with David Swett and the late Hap Townes in 2006 to try and find out, but we left with more questions.

This summer, we went back. We collected oral histories with the proprietors of some of Music City's iconic plate lunch joints: Arnold's Country Kitchen, The Pie Wagon, Wendell Smith's, and Dandgure's. 

But, we might still have to lean on John Egerton's position on the matter: "I think this is the kind of thing you just thank your lucky stars for, the kind of blessing you chalk up to unearned grace.”

Look for the newest additions to our Nashville Meat-N-Three oral history project to appear online in the coming weeks.