Monday, August 6

Get on the Southern BBQ Trail: NORTH CAROLINA

Next stop on the Southern BBQ Trail: NORTH CAROLINA.

We have plenty of stories about North Carolina barbecue, Eastern and Western. But we don’t want to start any fights. Instead, we would like for you to think about where barbecue comes from. Nahunta Pork Center, locatedoutside rural Pikeville, uses "everything but the hair" and claims the title of "America's largest pork display." Mack Pierce opened the retail business in 1975, after decades of buying and slaughtering pigs for local farmers and grocers. Mr. Pierce's son and grandson, Larry and Brandon, now oversee the processing of up to 150 hogs a day. Nahunta also provides whole hogs to pit-cooked barbecue landmarks Wilber's in Goldsboro and Allen & Son in Chapel Hill. “Young people will come in, some of them have never been out on a farm. They don’t know what a pig is or they know what a pig looks like, until they walk in the building and see that pig head sitting there in the meat case: this is real, this is where my food comes from,” says Larry.

Meet Larry and Brandon Pierce:

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