Friday, August 31

Behind the Scenes of Pride & Joy

In case you missed last week's post, Joe York is getting ready to unveil Pride & Joy, a feature-length documentary about Southern food that is some six years and fifty thousand highway miles in the making. Pride & Joy will screen for the first time at the 2012 Southern Foodways Symposium. After that, look for it to come to a special event, a film festival, or a public television station near you. Here at SFA world headquarters, we're so excited that we'll be sharing a little nugget of film news with you every week.

In Pride & Joy, Joe visits dozens of men and women who dedicate their lives to growing, catching, cooking, serving, or studying food and drink in the South. Some are the subjects of previous SFA short films, and there are many new faces as well.

Bill Best is a farmer from Berea, Kentucky. He was the subject of Joe York's first film, 2003's Saving Seeds (made with Matt Bruder). A devotee of heirloom vegetables, Best explains in the film that he farms "tomatoes for money, and beans for love."

For his seed-saving work, which preserves both genetic diversity and Appalachian cultural heritage, Best won the SFA's Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award in 2003.

Look for Best to return in Pride & Joy. Weather permitting, you'll want to have a tomato sandwich on hand while you watch.