Thursday, July 5

Meet Guest Blogger Porky LeSwine

Guest Blogger: Porky LeSwine, aka "The BBQ Jew."

Home Base: Along the fault line between Eastern- and Western-style barbecue, in the North Carolina Piedmont.

Barbecue Street Cred: "How about "rural route" cred? My favorite barbecue joints are always on the edge of town. Oh, and I run a website dedicated to North Carolina barbecue: BBQ Jew. "

Preferred Style of 'Cue: "I am a devotee of traditional, wood-cooked North Carolina barbecue, both whole-hog (Eastern) and shoulder (Western). I would never admit it on my own website, but I also have a taste for brisket, ribs, and sausage. If the meat's cooked for hours and hours over wood—and if it won't give me rabies—I'll eat it." 

Triumphant Barbecue Moment: "After too many experiences with subpar 'cue, I consider every well-cooked plate of barbecue a triumphant moment."