Thursday, July 19

Meet Daniel Vaughn, Barbecue Guest Blogger

Name: Daniel Vaughn

Home Base: Dallas, Texas

Barbecue Street Cred: Daniel is the author of the forthcoming book Prophets of Smoked Meat, which will be published in 2013 by Ecco's Anthony Bourdain imprint. In researching the book, Vaughn and photographer Nicholas McWhirter covered 10,000 miles of highway in Texas, exploring the state's regional barbecue variations. Vaughn's current personal tally of barbecue joints visited (all over the country, but primarily in Texas) is 573 and counting. They are reviewed on his blog, Full Custom Gospel BBQ.

Photo by David Woo

Preferred Style of Barbecue: "I love pork, mutton, sausage, and even the occasional cabrito (goat) leg, but there's nothing better than a slice of fatty brisket in the Central Texas style, slow-smoked over Post Oak."

Favorite Barbecue Accoutrements: "My first choice for a side item is more meat. Failing that, I have an occasional hankering for fried okra, spicy pinto beans, and banana pudding."

Triumphant Barbecue Moment: "I was sitting at a barbecue joint in Oklahoma with my brother-in-law, eating a plate of brisket and ribs. Sight unseen, I told him that they were smoking the meat in a gas-fired Ole Hickory Pit. Our server confirmed this hunch. My brother was appropriately impressed, and I was proud that I could tell a gasser from a real wood smoker just by the flavor."

 You can follow Daniel on Twitter at @bbqsnob. Stay tuned for his "Lone Star Dispatches," coming in every other week.