Wednesday, July 11

Join the Club

...the Cornbread Nation 6 book club, that is.

This edition of Cornbread Nation: The Best of Southern Food Writing was published in association with UGA Press and guest edited by Brett Anderson. A longtime New Orleanian, Brett is about to relocate to Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the coming year, as one of Harvard's totally badass* Nieman Fellows in journalism. 

Read along with us for the next few weeks as we discuss the stories in CN6 and chat with the authors. Join the conversation on our Facebook page if the Cornbread Nation spirit moves you.

The first meeting of the Cornbread Nation 6 book club is hereby called to order. 
 In 2010, the SFA documented, studied, and celebrated "The Global South" leading up to our annual symposium.

Photo by Penny de los Santos

At that symposium, Andrea Nguyen told us of Vietnamese immigrants who relocated to the Louisiana Gulf Coast in the 1970s, fell in love with crawfish, and took the mudbugs with them as they moved across the country, finally settling in California. This is why, Nguyen explained, Vietnamese-owned crawfish joints like The Boiling Crab have exploded in popularity from Los Angeles to San Jose.

If you've got your own copy of CN6, Nguyen's "Bags, Butter, Surfboards, and Spice: Viet-Cajun in Cali"—adapted from her symposium talk—begins on page 263. If not, you can listen to a podcast of the talk from our symposium. Click here for the audio file of Nguyen's presentation, or visit our iTunesU page for that podcast and many more.

Are you a crawfish fan? Have you ever eaten them Viet-Cajun-Cali style: buttery, spicy, and served out of a plastic bag?

*Official Nieman Fellow designation. Okay, not really. But it should be.